Promoting engagement around Humanities, Liberal Arts and Social Science education.

Building a community of practice committed to sharing the responsibility of providing students with the skills they need to succeed, including critical thinking, ethical deliberation, democratic citizenship, empathy and creativity.

Supporting Social Science and Humanities educators by providing them with resources and opportunities for professional growth, formal and informal, that will help them to satisfy curriculum guidelines.

Enhancing the perception of and culture around the Humanities, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences by documenting the value of these disciplines in preparing students for employability, citizenship and the pursuit of happiness.

Developing and promoting The Collaborative’s model beyond its application to Humanities, Liberal Arts, and Social Science education by creating additional partnerships with other organisations around iteration of the collaborative platform.

Cultivating new approaches to training and meaningful incentives for educators in the Humanities, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and beyond that take into account their role in transferring the skills and competences associated with productivity and happiness in a democratic society.